This research prоproposal focuses on Labor Human Rights in Gulf Cooperation Council Region

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This research prоposal focuses on Labor Human Rights in Gulf Cooperation Council Region. It is premised on the recognition that the government is the keу duty bearer in ensuring the respect, protection, and fulfillment of human rights in Gulf Cooperation Council Region. This obligation imparts on government specific responsibilities including the requirement to take reasonable legislative, policy, programmatic, administrative and other measures to achieve the progressive realization of human rights for all its citizens. The research proposal, therefore, reflects the assessment of the overall environment provided by the government and the implementation of policies, legislation and programs related to the above-mentioned obligations of respect, protection and fulfillment of labor human rights.Notes- i don’t want you to be harsh on the governments focus more on how this is a society problem <br /><br />governments are to blame in the gcc but not as much as it is a society problem in this research proposal i want to conclude that we can advance the humantirian grounds and create a safe environment for workers that comes especially from south east asia or asia in general focus on the world cup in qatar and how many workers died so far also focus on how the citizens of those six countries are a minority therefore its complicated for those workers to get the gulf countries citizenship for example in uae the citizens make less than 20% another issue how non governmental organisations are pushing for immigration reforms yet they don’t understand the complications in the gulf however that still pushed the governments to reform i want you to know that at the end of my phd i want to conclude that we could find many alternatives and secure ways to get those workers safe and satisfied for example:cancel the kafala system health insurance increase in minimum wage i hope that we will like working with each other therefore i will be more than happy to hire you again for the next chapter i also suggest those books magined communities -Benedict Anderson Capitalism and class in the gulf Arab States – Adam Hanieh Transit States: labour, migration and citizenship in the gulf – Abdulrahman Khalaf and Omar Alshehabi Migrant labour in the Persian gulf – Mehran Kamrava Power and politics in the Persian gulf monarchies – Christopher Davidson Expats and the Labour Force- George naufal

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