The introduction should have an outline of what will be discussed

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Topics Are Police and Education

  • The introduction should have an outline of what will be discussed and a thesis, the argument you will be presenting.
  • The reader should know what topic the student is going to be discussing and how the student defines/describing the topic.

Global review

  • This depends on the topic
  • Students will go online to globally find how other countries frame these topic.
  • This is a crucial ability in a global world because companies are multi-national and need to appeal to all societies, for example the opening of the Cuban market could prove viral for companies but we, in the west now nothing about a society that was closed for so many years, what do they think about things.
  • The number of countries that students look at will depend on the instructor but I would say at least 5 with 2 being on western societies, “western Societies” can be determined by the instructor but usually refers to countries that are not the “Rich” countries.

National review

  • This section will be included if the instructor wants a national/international comparison.
  • How does US society frame the topic that is being discussed?
  • Instructors may suggest focusing on regions or states- this is unique in the US because of the independence of state legislation compared to federal legislation.

Bigger picture

  • What does this mean in a global society?
  • How is this different than how students perceive this topic?
  • Either a comparison assignment or not, there should be some comparison as to how students see the US compared to the global society on this issue
  • What does this mean about this topic and the larger discussion?
  • The “so what” question needs to be answered.

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