The creation and implementation of laws is an area of policymaking

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1)The creation and implementation of laws is an area of policymaking where the public tends to
Select one:
b. have little knowledge.
c. know a great deal about a few high-profile cases but little about the large number of less visible but important actions.
d. know about the important issues but not follow smaller less visible ctions.

2) A policy domain is
Select one:
a. the part of the political system concerned with a particular troubling condition.
b. the aspects of a troubling condition dealt with by a particular set of policymakers.
d. an Internet site set up to inform the public about a troubling condition.

3) Lobbyists are people who
Select one:
a. are particularly knowledgeable about the legislative process.
c. are particularly knowledgeable about how to package claims in ways that will appeal to legislators.
d. all of the provided answers

4) The policy proposal stream tends to be populated by
Select one:
a. activist-oriented claimsmakers.
b. insider claimsmakers.
d. research-oriented claimsmakers.

5) Most legislative reform emerges
Select one:
a. quickly in response to one or two high-profile situations.
b. quickly after advocates catch the attention of the right policymakers.
c. slowly as a series of incremental legal steps toward change.

6) The way a small provision in the large Rehabilitation Act of 1973 was used to make sweeping changes in the treatment of people with disabilities illustrates how
Select one:
a. changes in the way people view disability have influenced our communities.
c. policymakers can take advantage of policy arenas where they are not carefully watched to make significant changes without a great deal of attention.
d. policymakers can use political connections to sway public opinion.

7) Which of the following most accurately reflects the relationship between policymaking and public opinion?
Select one:
a. Policymakers are not heavily influenced by public opinion.
c. Policymakers tend to be influenced by public opinion especially on high-profile issues.
d. Policymakers are influenced more by lobbyists than public opinion.

8) Joel Best argues that ____________ and ____________ are the two key problems that policymakers confront as they try to deal with global warming.
Select one:
a. problems gaining cooperation from pow-erful nations; problems paying for the changes in poor nations
b. the fact that it is a global problem; the fact that it is a long-term problem
c. the popularity of sport utility vehicles; pollution

9) In comparison to the way problems are typically constructed by primary claimsmakers, the reality faced by social problems workers is typically
Select one:
a. more melodramatic.
b. less melodramatic and more complex.
d. more highly regulated.

10) Social problems workers typically prefer to be evaluated by
Select one:
a. subjects because they are most familiar with the real effects of social problems work.
b. other social problems workers because they understand the realities of the work.
d. funding agencies because positive reviews typically result in wage increases.

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