Globe BS180 unit 5 assignment

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Unit 5 Assignment

Answer the following questions in a Word document. Submit your work using the Unit 5 Assignment link above.

  1. Define some of the major laws and regulations governing equal employment opportunity (EEO).
  2. Why is adequate supervisory preparation for an employee selection interview crucial to the interview’s success? Discuss each of the following aspects of conducting an employee selection interview: (a) opening the interview; (b) explaining the job; (c) using effective questioning techniques; (d) taking notes; (e) concluding the interview.
  3. How is onboarding for a new employee related to future performance? Discuss the approaches a supervisor may take in onboarding a new employee.
  4. Why is on-the-job training most likely to be the type of training used at the department level? Will on-the-job training become more or less important in the future? Why?

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