Discuss the major factors that contribute to child exploitation worldwide

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Answer each question in the minimum of 200 words:

1. What are the four types of child interview questions, and which one(s) is/are considered to be valid interview questions?

2. Discuss the major factors that contribute to child exploitation worldwide. Be detailed and specific.

3. Using reliable Internet sources (Links to an external site.), find an example of a case of medical neglect in which a parent refused medical care for their child based on religious or personal objections but was overruled by a judge. Discuss the case, describe the outcome, and then comment regarding whether you feel the court’s intervention was justified and/or appropriate. Why or why not?

4. Research suggests that at least half of Americans have witnessed an incident of child abuse or neglect, but less than half of those take action such as reporting the abuse. Why asked, most cite reasons such as not knowing what the proper response would be, thinking the abuser’s actions might be justified, or simply feeling it was none of their business. Among those who do take action, some respond in ways that can actually generate more harm toward the child (such as giving the parent a dirty look). If it was your job to create a public safety campaign designed to teach people what to do if they witness an act of child abuse, what would your campaign look like? What information would it include, and how would you reach your target audience?


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