BIS 155 Week 4 Office Integration and Mail Merge – Quiz

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Week 4 Quiz

  1. (TCO 8)Which of the following is one of the most common file types imported into Excel? (Points : 2)
  2. (TCO 8)Which of the following is NOT a text file? (Points : 2)
  3. (TCO 8)Which of the following is NOT a method for refreshing data? (Points : 2)
  4. (TCO 8) The Convert Text to Columns Wizard allows you to choose the file type, such as Delimited____(Points:2)
  5. (TCO 8) Which of the following is a frequently used function to manipulate txt? (Points : 2)
  6. (TCO 8)To change the text string Jack Doe to JACK DOE, use the ________ function. (Points : 2)
  7. (TCO 8)Which of the following cannot be used in a CONCATENATE function? (Points : 2)
  8. (TCO 8) If you want to send a letter to all your customers using Mail Merge, and you already have the customers’ names and addresses stored in an Excel file, you should choose _________ from the Select……. (Points : 2)
  9. (TCO 8)The New Comment command is located on the ________ tab. (Points : 2)
  10. (TCO 8) An alternative method for inserting a comment in a cell includes: (Points : 2)
  11. (TCO 8)The command to track changes is located on the ________ tab. (Points : 2)
  12. (TCO 8) The command to send an Excel workbook by e-mail is located on the ________ tab. (Points:2)

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